Levi Drudge
November 13, 1828 to 1891

(Rochester Union Spy, Thursday, August 1, 1872. contd)


On Monday morning last... the boiler of PAULEN's MILL, situate the county line, in Franklin Township, Kosciusko County, exploded. killing one man outright, and wounding and scalding eight others...
The first object that met our gaze was the mutilated form of LYMAN WHITE. off-bearer, who was lying on the porch at the house of LEVI DRUDGE. He was struck... just above the left eye, the blow knocking that organ out upon his cheek... His jaw-bone was also broken, and he was cut severely about the head. He is also badly scalded... During the operation of removing the injured eye, the patient displayed great fortitude, but his sufferings were beyond human endurance, and he struggled and groaned frightfully. Chloroform was at last administered, and the painful operation completed. White is the only- one of the victims generally known in Rochester. He a member of the 46th Ind Regt, and is described by one of his comrades as "brave, generous, rough, but kind." He may survive external injuries. but has inhaled steam to such an extent as to render his death probable.
At the same house we found ORANGE GROVE, head sawyer. who had just commenced work on the mill that morning. His injuries -. were comparatively slight...
The next house visited stands near the site of the mill. Here we beheld the corpse of JOHN WILLIAMS, a man aged 60 years or more, who was killed instantly.. On a rude couch. in the middle of the room, lay Mr. HOUSER, son-in-law of deceased, badly, perhaps fatally, wounded... In the corner of the same room lay another. WILLIAMS. nephew of deceased... The poor fellow has since died, we learn.
The next and last house visited contained but one sufferer, a stalwart young man named WILLIAMS -- a son of the man who was killed. He was only scalded, but to a greater extent than any of the others... He cannot survive.

Levi Drudge married Catherine Harrold April 05, 1852 in Koscuisko Co., Indiana. From this union there were born nine children:

Mary Louisa Drudge, born December 21, 1849, married Joseph Flitcraft on April 19, 1888.

Ephram Drudge, born September 18, 1853, married Martha (unknown)

John Nelson Drudge, born August 15, 1858, married Lydia Hilsman who died, he then married Mary M. Brown.

William Riley Drudge , born July 10, 1860, married Mary Etta "Molly" King on April 08, 1882.

Senetta Eve Drudge, born February 15, 1862, married Lieuellis Calvin Perry on April 06, 1882.

Harmon Drudge, born June 18, 1865, married Lena Roxie Chapman on April 12, 1886

Franklin Drudge, born December 09, 1867, married Etta Yates on October 15, 1894.

Alvin Drudge, born 1869.

Levi Lemu Drudge, born November 29, 1871, married Dottie Mittilda Dillman on November 19, 1893.