August 16, 2008
John Nelson Drudge

(August 15, 1858 to Mar 19, 1945)

First Marriage: Lydia Hilsman (b-1862, d-1885)

Second Marriage: Mary M. Brown (b-1864, d-1935)

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The children born to John and Lydia were:
Bertha Drudge, marrie Claude Babcock
Nora L. Drudge, b-1879, married Oscar Rogers
Pearl Drudge, married Charles McPherson
Leska Drudge, married Judd Rozella 1883

The children born to John and Mary were:
Alfred Clinton Drudge, married Edna C. Warfel
Dessie Edith Drudge, married Miles Weddle
Clara Regolda Drudge, married Charles Linn
Russell Edward Drudge, married Mary Linn
John A. Drudge
Mary Margaret Drudge, married Earl Akers
Orville Leroy Drudge, married Mary Jane Stickler
Mildred Marie Drudge, married Donald haines