John Drudge
Born October 1816, Died July 06, 1872
This material was taken from family research done by Gregory Lynn Shireman

John Drudge of Ashland County, Ohio, eldest son of Benjamin Drudge, secured a map of Indiana issued by J.H. Young of Philadelphia, Pa., in 1834. Although the map shows all the important water routes, it does not indicate Fulton County, which was not set aside as a county until 1836 and at the time of the map was still in the possession of the Potawatomi Indians.

In 1841 John rode out from Ohio on horseback to look the country over. It took him eight days for a one-way trip. On October 26, 1843, he returned to the area and entered the east half, southeast quarter, section 26, township 31 east half, southeast quarter, section 26, township 31(Newcastle), Range 4, totaling 80 acres more or less, for $125. The land was deeded to John Drudge from Francis Walker at LaPorte, Ind. The plot of land was originally patented from the United States Government by Erasmus Powell on June 30, 1837, at LaPorte. Powell sold the land to Walker, who in turn passed it on to John Drudge.

John Married Susan Wiltrout who was born December 1820 in Ashland County, Ohio. Sometime between 1844 and 1847, John moved his family to Indiana and built the original part of his home which now stands on the corner of Fulton County road 300N and the Fulton-Kosciusko county line.

Many of John's family is burried in Nichols Cemetery, located half a mile north of the Fulton-Kosciusko county line. His father Benjamin is burried near John, amd not too far away his mother.

To their union were born six children:
Margaret Drudge (March 27, 1842 to March 18, 1911) married John Miller Leech
Jeremiah Drudge (May 18, 1844 to January 09, 1910) married Emeline Zolman
Mary Drudge (1847 to March 18, 1917) married Levi Stahl
Harmon Drudge (January 23, 1849 to January 31, 1852)
Adaline Drudge (August 14, 1851 to October 08, 1854)
Francis Marion Drudge (June 26, 1854 to Oct. 8, 1925) married Ellenor L. Richter