Jeremiah Drudge
Born May 18, 1844, Died January 09, 1910

Jeremiah married Emeline Zolman February 21, 1869

Jeremiah Drudge family 1882.
Seated: Emeline (Zolman) Drudge, Jeremiah Drudge. Standing: Amos, Ada, and Charles Drudge

Jeremiah Drudge,
Jeremiah was born in Ashland County, Ohio, and came to Fulton County with his parents as a very young child.

He entered the Union Army in the War of the Rebellion, Company E, 9th Regiment, Indiana Volunteer Infantry, Oct. 29, 1864. was wounded in his right knee during his time of service and was discharged from duty Sept. 28, 1865, in Texas, age 20 years. Jerry as he was always called, was hired by another man to serve his time in the Civil War, a common practice in those days, and was given as payment 80 acres of land in Newcastle Township.

Jeremiah was known as an extremely successful farmer and businessman, as attested to by his obituary in the Rochester newspaper which says, in part, "He amassed considerable property by economical living and attention to business, but kept in close touch with the affairs of men, his life being one of activity from childhood."

The Kingman Historical Atlas of Fulton County says Jeremiah was "probably the wealthiest man in Newcastle Township," at the time the atlas was published in 1883.

Children born to Jeremiah and Emeline were:
Charles Drudge, born December 13, 1868, married Ella M. Moore
Amos Drudge, born August 09, 1872, married Maude Barr
Ada A. Drudge, born December 12, 1877 married Herman Metzler