Omer Drudge
Born January 19, 1893, died September 25, 1958
Omer Drudge c. 1920. He loved to hunt and fish.

Omer served in the U.S. Army During World War I in the 492nd Construction Squadron. He enteared service July 27, 1917, at Rochester and was commissioned a corporal Mar. 1, 1918. He served in France from Nov. 22, 1917, to Jan. 30, 1919, and received an honorable discharge July 13, 1919

Omer married Pauline B. Poor on March 3, 1933 and they had two daughters, Martha L. and Mary K.

Children of Omer and Pauline were:
Martha L. Drudge, born Feb. 8, 1934, married Paul E. Shireman
Mary K. Drudge, born June 21, 1935, married James H. Randall