Joseph Drudge
Born April 05, 1794 - Died August 08, 1842

Joseph left Cumberland County, Pennsylvania sometime before November 1816. It is not known whether he Married Elizabeth (Betsey) SHOPE before or after he moved to Clarence, Erie Coounty, New York.

On April 3, 1835 the tract of land situate in the Town of Clarence, County of Erie and State of New York, being part of Lot # 5, Section 6, Township 12, Range 6 of the Holland Land Company's Survey was sond to Joseph by Wilhem Willink. That property remained in the family until October the 19, 1945 when Roy H. Drudge sold it to Frederick J. Gassman.

On November 16, 1816 the first of their seven children was born. Their children were:

Abraham Drudge - November 16, 1816 to January 04, 1874. Abraham married Elizabeth Diller on February 22, 1838. Elizabeth was born on December 1812, died January 18, 1893. They are both burried in Clarence, Erie County, New York.

Catherine DRUDGE - April 01, 1819 to May 21, 1895. Catherine married Abraham (Abram) DILLER, and they moved to Michigan. (See Files For More Names and Dates)

John DRUDGE - November 30, 1821to June 20, 1867. John marreid MORGAT.

Henry E. Drudge - Click on the link to find out about Henry and his family.

Benjamin DRUDGE - December 24, 1825 to ? Benjamin married (aunt Sis), and they moved to Michigan.

Jacob Shope DRUDGE - September 08, 1828 to June 28, 1907. Jacob married Mary A. SMITH. Jacob and Mary are burried in Filmore Cem., Clarence, Erie County, New York. Mary, born January 08, 1831 in Pennsylvania, died February 02, 1914.

Rufina DRUDGE - January 27, 1834 to February 19, 1928. Rufina married Jacob WALTER, and they moved to Illinois.