Henry E. Drudge
The following was taken from the "History of Genesee County, Michigan"

Henry Drudge was born in Erie Co., New York., on November 9th, 1823. His father Joseph Drudge, was a large and successful farmer, of whose large family Henry was the fourth. Henry lived on the farm, going to the district schools winters and farming summers. When he was nineteen his father died, leaving each of the children a small farm. Henry worked his own and also farmed for others on shares. In this way he got his start in life.
In 1857 he sold his land and moved to Thetford, Michigan, where he bought the farm he now owns. It was nearly new, but a few acres having been plowed. But the energy and good management of Mr. Drudge soon made the wilderness blossom as the rose. Now at the age of fifty-six, he is living on a fine a farm as it is often the lot of man to see. In 1878 he commenced building a beautiful house, which stands near where the old one stood,-----a house that is at once an ornament to the town and a source of pride and pleasure to Mr. Drudge and his family. A view of his home adorns a page of this work.
In early days a Whig, upon the organization of the Republican party he joined its ranks. He never saught office, but has served several years as deputy sheriff of the county.
On the 15th day of February, 1844 he married Miss Mary C. Bills, daughter of Zelotia and Polly (Ellisworth) Bills. She was born in Erie Co., New York, April 28, 1827

The names and record of their three children are as follows:

Harriet C., born February 2, 1846; married to Edwin A. Seeley, March 7, 1865
Sarah A., born 28, 1850; married to George P. Seib, February 10, 1873
Charles O., born March 4, 1864, and now living at home with his parents.