August 12, 2014
Jerry Lee Drudge
Born May 11, 1941

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Received B.S. in Industrial Education from Indiana State College in 1964
Received M.S. in Industrial Education from Indiana State University in 1967
Taught "Industrial Education", now referred to as "Applied Technology" for 35 years. Retired in 1999 from teaching.
Major areas in teaching were "Electronics" and "Drafting", but also taught classes in the following:
Drivers Education, Jr. High General Shop, Basic Woodworking, Power and Transportation, Home Improvements, Auto Fundamentals, Industrial Technology, and Work Program.
Worked for a Civil Engineering firm as their graphics and CAD draftsman for 4 1/2 years after retirement. Now does some Home Improvement work for friends and former colleges, maintains two geneelogy websites as well as a business site for "Entech Systems, Inc." President of Entech is Robert G. Drudge

Married Leslee Anne Morton, Aug 26, 1967
Children of Jerry and Leslee are:

James Kevin Drudge, born Apr 09, 1969
Kimberley Anne Drudge, born Aug 16, 1971

Married Nancy Jean Menger, Nov 26, 1975
Children of Jerry and Nancy are:

Denise Ranea Drudge, born Sep 17, 1976
Deborah Lee Drudge, born Sep 06, 1978
David Michael Drudge, born July 10, 1981
Derek Martin Drudge, born October 19, 1982
Deanna Elizabeth Drudge, born June 16, 1984
Daniel Benjamin Drudge, May 2, 1986

Married Ellen (Rehberger) Riedel, May 14, 2011

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