Forrest Robert Drudge

The son of Arthur Delbert and Elizabeth (Ulrey) Drudge

The father of Jerry Lee Drudge & Robert Glenn Drudge ,Sr.

(Born Feb. 15, 1917 in Roan, Indiana / Departed Dec. 27, 1987)

The Accomplishments My Father Wanted to be Remembered For

Dad wrote down a few things in a family history book, given to him by Mildred (Drudge) Finton, his sister. As important events in his life he lists: Married to wife Nellie, most important. Birth of Jerry and Robert, second most. Birth of Robert Glenn Jr. and James Kevin, next.
This is a picture I took of my Mother Nellie (CARTER) Drudge and my father Forrest Robert, in front of the first place I lived after graduation from Indiana State University in 1964. Dad was very proud that he was able to send his sons to college.
Especially since he always reminded us, that he only went to school through the eighth grade. He always said he had to walk three miles to get to school, even in the snow. Considering where and when he went to school, (Northern rural Indiana in the 20's) I'm sure he did. (mabey two miles in the rain) He always, jokingly said he sent his sons to college to learn to say incredible instead of no shit. He had quite a sense of humor, and usually got the last laugh . For example. he had always said he would buy Bob and me a car after we graduated from high school. Well as things sometimes do, it didn't work out, and he couldn't. He said, well when you graduate from college I'll get you the car. Again it just wasn't meant to be.. Every once in a while I would jokingly remind him that he had never gotten me that car. Well he got the last laugh in the end, he left me his car in his will. He was always fighting for the little guy, trying to help out someone else. He was one of the leaders of a group known as T.U.R.F. Teamsters Union Rank and File, who tried to oust a corrupt local. He was able to get the Treasury Department and the F.B.I. involved. That almost cost him his life, as he was seriously injured in a trucking accident soon after he was threatened. It couldn't be proved that the truck had been tampered with. He started Trail Mate, Inc. in 1975 while still driving a truck. He patented his idea of an energy absorbing hitch, which absorbed the shock of starting and stopping while towing a load. He was granted a patent in 1977. (#-4027893) USA, and one in Canada in 1979. My father was many things, a machinist, a farmer, a trucker, an inventor, and an entrepreneur. Above all else he was my father,