"Internet Humor"

Best of the POLITICAL E-mail Jokes on the Internet
"My Kind of Bumper Stickers"
"Urine or Your Out"
"State Farm Sign"
"How Did He Know"
"A Norman Rockwell Moment"
"Border Patrol"
"Rosavelt "1907"
"The Newest Dr. Seuss Book"
"Maxine on health care"
"Hydrogen Barackside"
"Who Is WE"
"Welcome to Los Angeles"
"Free Healthcare"
"Our Turn"
"Immigration Laws"
"Watch For the 1951 Chevy"
"Let Me See Your ID"
"Illegal Immigration"
"Solution for Recovery"
"Two Story Outhouse"
"Larry the Cable Guy"
"Illegal Immigration 2"
"Illegal Immigration 3"
"Illegal Immigration 4"
"Illegal Immigration 5"
"Not My Pocket"
"Obama Care"
"Legal Citizen"
"What The "H""
"The Lemon Picker"
"The 10 Commandents""
"Oil Crisis"
"Let Us Pray"
"Go Green"
"What is a Paradox"
"Move Over Tea Party"
"Do Well In School"
"I'm Already In Debt"
"Regan, Hope & Cash"
"Empty Your Pockets"
"It's About Time"
"It's Our Country"
"You Might Be A State"
"Founding Fathers"
"What's For Dinner?"
"Erase The Damage"
"What's Democracy"
"What Part"
"Proud to be an American"
"Real Terrorists"
"Luxury Seats"
"Racist Test"
"3 priceless photos"
"Is History to Repeat Itself"
"Dr. Conservative"
"Little Johnny On Salesmanshipf"
"Best Joke for 2009 to 2012 so far"
"A Dog in School"