"The Drudge Family History"

by: Jerry L. Drudge
"John Drudge/Dredge (1750-1794)"

John Drudge was born in or near London, England in 1750. At the age of 24 he secured passage to the Colonies, as an indentured weaver. He sailed from the Port of London aboard the ship Amelia, and arrived at the Port of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in January of 1774.
Four years later, on May 25, 1778, John took the oath of allegiance in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania and joined the militia.

John served in the Second Battalion of the Cumberland County Militia, the Fourth Pennsylvania Regiment and the Seventh Pennsylvania Regiment during the Revolution. At his last recorded pay period, July 6, 1782, he is listed as Corporal John DREDGE. His name appears at least sixteen times in the Pennsylvania Archives with different spelling variations. DRUDGE, DREDGE, and DRIDGE
On the passanger list aboard the Amelia he was listed as John DRADGE. In the first Federal Census of 1790 there is only John DREDGE, and no one named DRUDGE, DRIDGE, or DRADGE. In later Census his sons appear with the spelling of DRUDGE in some and DREDGE in others.

After leaving the army John married Margaret (unknown) and became a farmer. Sometime before December 8th, 1794, at the age of 44, John passed away (cause not known at this time) leaving Margaret with six children and one on the way. Margaret's petition to the Orphans Court, dated February 11th 1795, lists the names of her six children and their ages at that time. Margaret aged ten, Henry aged eight, Ann aged seven, John aged five, Thomas aged three, and Joseph aged one. Benjamin was born sometime after the petition. The following is from the court's records and documents.

The administration accounts of John Davidson and Vandel Weaver administrators of all and singular the goods, chattels and credits which were of John Drudge dec'd a will of such of the goods chattels and credits of the dec'd which came to their possins & knowledge, as of their payments out of the same.
The Accountants charge menbers with the amount of the inventory filed in the registers office in Carlisle. (Pennsylvania) This Account examined and passed this 11th day of May 1796 the administrators being sworn thereto before me. Signed, Wil'm Lyon Reg'r, John Davidson and Vandel Weaver. Expense account was presented and approved on May 11th 1796. Balance in the hands of the adm'rs subject to distribution according to law.
This account adjusted and passed by the Orphan Court the eleventh day of May 1796 and there appears to be a balance in the hands of the administrators of two hundred and ninety pounds and four pence three farthings subject to distribution according to law, as following, Viz.

Mary the Widows share - 73 pounds, 2 3/4 pence
Henry, the eldest son - 20 pounds, 17 shillings, 2 pence
Margaret - 20 pounds, 17 shillings, 2 pence
Ann - 20 pounds, 17 shillings, 2 pence
John - 20 pounds, 17 shillings, 2 pence
Thomas - 20 pounds, 17 shillings, 2 pence
Joseph - 20 pounds, 17 shillings, 2 pence
Benjamin - 20 pounds, 17 shillings, 2 pence


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