The following is a list of property, and the transactions of the estate of John Drudge/Dredge 1750 to 1794, my great, great, great, great, grandfather.
I wish to thank Shirley (Dredge) Grahm, a descendant of Henry Dredge, the eldest son of John, for the copy of this document and others.

The following is an inventory of the Goods and Chattels Rights and Credits of the Estate of

John Drudge

, dec'd - appraised by William Stevenson and William Montgomery, and sworn before Justice of Peace, Alex Laughlin on December 17, 1794
The Spelling and Values are as taken from the document, and in some cases were very difficult to read.
NOTE: In the following list, the first column is Pounds, second Shillings, third Pence
Twenty Shillings equals a Pound, twelve Pence equals a Shilling
A chsnut coulored redhorse -
A chsnut coulored mear -
A brown filly -
A red heifer with a white face -2100 A brindled cow -500 A brown cow -400
A black heifer with a white face -300 Fifteen Sheep -1100 A red cow -500
A brindled cow with a white face -500 A flecket heifer -300 Two calves -1126
A black and white heifor -2150 A hay stack -2100 A harrow -0126
A sow and shotes -300 A plow and irons -150 A log chain -0120
A dung fork and pitch fork - 030 2 pair grain hopples -060 2 Killing hoes - 020
A mattock and two axes -0113 A cutting box and knife - 0113 14 sheep - 700
An auger and hansaw -040 A chest -0100 A windmill - 2100
2 pair of old hens & curry comb -013 4 barrels -0120 A cag -026
Cash in silver -926 One cash note -1800 A cash note -1000
Book acct. -0150 A dough trough -016 Six old chairs -020
A half bushel -050 Two tubs -0100 An old table -006
A womans saddle -3100 A big wheel -050 A churn -056
A quantity of broke flax -0180 An old mans sadle -076 A check reel -039
2 pair of pot hooks -016 A stew cattle -076 Two pots -0100
A frying pan -039 A small cag -026 A crock -039
Three pails and old bucket -040 Two small basons -036 Pewter plates 6 -060
Three knives and forks -026 Thirteen spoons -039 A sugar pot -006
Six tin cups and old cofee pot -020 A small pewter dish -040 Six sickles -060
An iron ladle & flesh fork -016 A set of teaware -020 Candlestick -006
A mug and stoneplates -010 A shaving horse -006 A fire shovel -020
Some flaxseed and old bag -076 A coat and jacket -176 A big coat -126
A large bible -0150 A school bible -339 3 bags -0100
A pair of buckskin breeches -0100 A blue coat -076 A beaver hat -100
A bedstead with bed and furniture/cover -500 A new bedstead with its furniture -400
Wheat pr. bushel (7 shillings) 20 bu.. -700 Buckwheat -0140
11 bushel of wheat -3170 Corn pr. bushel (5 shillings) 40 bu. -1000
Oats pr. bushel (2 shillings 6 pence) 6bu. -0150 17 bushel of potatoes -220
Wheat among the corn staks -1293 A hay stack in the upper meadow -1100
Horse geers Couble trees Clevises and sled -150
Rice pr. bushel (5 shillings 6 pence) 20 1/4 bu. -51510 1/2
Rie in the field beside the barn (4 acres) -3180
Wheat in the field above the house -10157 1/2
Rie in the new field next the big road pr. acre (40 shillings) 8 acres -1600

The administration accounts of John Davidson and Vandal Weaver administrators of all and singular the goods, chattel and credits which were of John Drudge dec'd as will of such of the goods chattels and credits of the dec'd which came to their possins & knowledge, as of their payments out of the same.
The accountants charge members with the amount of the inventory filed in the registers office in Carlisle.

Also with advance of sales------------------------ 52142 1/2
264155 1/2
This account examined and passed this 11 day of May 1796 the administrators being sworn thereto before me. Signed Will'm Lyon Reg'r John Davidson and Vandel Weaver
Expense account was presented and approved on May 11, 1796. Balance in the hands of the adm'rs subject to distribution according to law.