Old Fort Bay, Quebeck

This picture was with my father's letters and notes on Drudge Families

Picture taken aprox. 1987

Following is e-mail I received from Michael Drudge:

Hello Jerry

  My name is Michael Drudge and I live in Canada. I wounder if I am of any relation to you. I know very little about my family that may help you determine if you have cousins up here.   I can tell you that my grandfather's name was also John Drudge and my fathers name is John A. Drudge. Both were born in Labrador  NFLD Canada.   I reside in Georgetown Ontario and have 2 children.

I e-mailed Mike pictures I had from my father and what I knew about his family. His reply:

hello Jerry.

The picture you sent is a picture of my granfather JOHN DRUDGE and Flow is was my Great grandmother. Sidney is an Uncle. The other persons in the picture I do not reconize with exception of one..The young man wearing the black and white stipe shirt is John Drudges son Rolo. I am unable to give full names as I don't keep in contact these relatives. I will give you a list of what I do remember.
John Drudge (grandfather) married Maggie Lavalle
Children (not in order of birth with thier children)
John A. Drudge (kids) Michael J. Drudge  dob 12/24/1974
                               Christopher Loyyd Drudge 05/22/1977
                               Tammy J Drudge  12/10/1981
Phlip Drudge   kids   2
Mary Drudge      kids      2
Anita Drudge   kids      1
Joice    3 kids   Jerry, Tyson and Julie
Beth    kids   1
Rolo, James, Ben, Pierre, Sylvain, Stephen, Medrick,
  to the best of my Knowledge my grandfather (the one in the picture you sent) was born in Labrador as well as all the children.